Our Success Stories

Discover some of the great things we have done for our clients.

When we had a first look at a client’s on-premises geospatial service, we knew immediately we had a mountain to climb.

Our client did a good job, but didn’t really understand how the various parts of the business fitted together. Building business knowledge helps with this and needed a paradigm shift in culture.

As more and more capabilities are being pushed to the cloud, a radical re-think of how users, devices, applications, and data are secured. Our engagement on an initiative to shape a client’s Zero Trust Strategy was a challenge.

Sometimes, an opportunity arises that expands into territories never before explored. We were pleased to be engaged on an imaging project that meant calling on different skills.

If you have a large estate, with complex internal access needs, the only way to do it is through a centralised door management system.

A manufacturing client needed to understand its building and equipment performance.

Working out a technology strategy starts with ensuring you know what your business looks like and what tech supports it.

If you have a lot of meeting rooms, you will need a reliable and reactive system to keep them occupied.

We have a lot of experience with disability, and were delighted when asked to provide input to a client’s accessibility process. But this is not restricted to physical disabilities.

There are many types of software, and a client engaged us to put together a policy which will keep them the right side of the law. However, the world of software is treacherous and can bite hard if you get it wrong.

While video conferencing is second-nature today, some companies had already adopted it as a strategy. See how we improved the VTC solution at a logistics company. 

A client had a problem with systems being created in different ways, without any real governance. We were engaged to and come up with a better solution, which we were mostly successful.

A manufacturing client was struggling technically with a large project. It had a large complex design, and they were finding it difficult to decide which was needed first.

During a major infrastructure upgrade, a client wanted us to create a solid network services design. DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory, all working in harmony to keep the network operating at maximum efficiency.

When we were asked to help with a fashion house’s desktop migration, there were a lot of frustrating obstacles

Single sign-on means you don’t need to keep entering a username and password for every system you need access to – it would drive you crazy! But, sometimes, this is a bad strategy.

A particular problem with one manufacturer was dust, a fine, powder that got into everything. Factory-based computers needed to be constantly swapped out. We had a solution to this dusty issue.

Picking up the pieces following the departure of a failed support contract, Provantage was asked to redefine the whole local support service for a logistics business.

A travel client was running out of capacity in one of its data centres. We re-designed the entire space with new power, temperature control, data, and fire suppression.

We were very pleased to be asked to come onto a project which involved the migration of a company from one parent to another. Our involvement eased the customer relations in a huge way.