Solution Architecture

A solution is more than just some tin and software. It encompasses people, processes, technology, information, and facilities, in fact most of your business. The wider influences of a solution means it can have a greater impact on your business. Controlling and mitigating the impact is a key skill. Bringing the users along for the journey and making them feel part of the process is better than forcing something on them they don’t want to use! We at Provantage has introduced solutions of many different sizes and complexities, using tried and tested methods to get the best outcome.

How we do it

Question the business case

We would ensure the business case for the solution is sound by asking probing questions. Any solution’s success is only as good as the foundations it stands on.

Ensure user stories are validated

User stories are another bedrock which will determine the future of the solution, and we will check they are all still relevant.

Build the minimum viable product

The MVP is an important step towards the introduction of the solution. It will encompass every aspect of the solution, but with minimum features that offer maximum value.

Work out the sprints to full deployment

From the very beginning the solution will be delivered using agile methods, there will still be much to do to plan on-going sprints. Continual backlog management to deliver prioritised work is vital for success.

What you get by using Provantage

Experienced and certified in scrum, and a certified product owner will bring all the benefits of agile to your solution.

High-quality documentation will ensure a smooth handover at any part of the solution delivery. We can deliver the high- and low-level designs to your own exacting standards.

We can quickly integrate with your delivery processes to get moving as soon as possible. We have good communication skills and able to talk to all levels of management to keep all stakeholders in touch with progress.

Agile Solution Architecture

Being independent means we can be totally focussed on the task in hand. Distancing ourselves from the day-to-day running of the business leaves us free to be creative for the good of the solution. 

Our experience will bring new perspectives to the solution. Be it in a change of design, new components, or a simple alteration, we won’t be sitting still. We will be constantly on the lookout for new ways of dealing with any situation.

At all time we will have an open communications channel to anyone with interest in the solution. We can be at the end of the phone or email, or deliver a presentation to dozens or hundreds of stakeholders. At all times we value the need for clear, precise, and engaging communication.

We can help deliver your solution

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