Behind the scenes of getting the clothes you wear to the shops is an immense industry. From the initial design to manufacturing, the industry faces many challenges. Fashion houses have been quick to meet the needs of today’s ecologically-minded consumers. It’s no longer ethical to create ranges made from un-sustainable sources. Provantage understands the industry needs responsive technology to help keep ahead of the latest trends.

Working in the fashion industry

To bring the amazing clothing, make up, hairstyles, to market take a lot of hard work, time, and passion. The fashion world probably more than any other market, is driven by a desire by everyday people to look good. Who doesn’t like to have the right look for the occasion? From the first idea in the chief designer’s mind, to the first sale in the local store takes a lot of hard work by an army of people. Designers will try to second guess next year’s styles a year in advance! Colours, styles, cut, materials, combinations, all need data, up to date and instantly.

The fashion world is also incredibly competitive. Get the smallest thing thing wrong, the wrong width belt, the colour of a collar just the wrong shade, or the cut of a hem too ragged, can spell disaster for the whole range. Designs need to be drawn. tested, and sent to the factory in days, possibly hours. Technology is invaluable in this process.

Instead of hand-drawn patterns being split up and copied across to the various factories, this has all been changed with the advance of technology. Designers can get the patterns into digital format using drawing tablets, cleaned up using improved algorithms, 3-D concept designs created in minutes. With the collection in digital format and approved, factories, lined up and ready to roll, can get the files minutes later.

Provantage has been involved with the fashion industry and knows exactly the pressures the different fashion houses are under. Failure of a critical system could spell disaster for an upcoming show, or a catwalk at London Fashion Week could be in jeopardy.

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