Systems Integration

When deciding on software to help underpin a process or set of business capabilities, the choice these days can be overwhelming. Once you have decided on the right software, which gives you the features you need, there is another mountain to climb in the form of configuration. Today, software can come in all shapes and sizes, and with many boasting ‘infinite configuration’, it too can seem overwhelming. Provantage has the experience you need to get the most out of your software, by using a carefully designed set of steps, leading to the deployment of the software, and full integration with your processes. Integration could also mean the connecting of two enterprises, public services bodies, or private initiatives. Again, Provantage can ensure you get the right data in the right place at the right time to maximise its value.

How we do it

Define business processes

Understand and document the process flow, inputs, outputs, and outcomes.

Discover where automation can help

Use the software to its fullest by automating as many of the process steps as possible.

Design dependent system interfaces

Where ever possible, bring automation into the feeding of data to up- and down-stream systems and processes.

Knowledge handover and training

Once integrated, there will be a huge amount of knowledge built up. This will be handed over to permanent staff, with high-quality documentation for future reference.

What you get by using Provantage

Automation where possible. This not only removes a lot of the errors due to mis-keying, but speeds up processes and makes them more accurate.

High-quality handover to support and users. Training documentation streamlines the introduction of the software and aids in fault resolution. A period of support is important to maintain continuity and is never skimped.

Cost savings from having a dedicated resource who can concentrate on the integration. Being dedicated to the task results in higher quality. more automation, and closer integration with the processes. 

Structured Systems Integration

We will work with your users and the vendors to understand both sides of the request. It is important to understand the needs of both sides to get the best outcome.

Having the best possible knowledge of the system and of your business processes speeds up and smooths the integration. You are in full control of what you need and we will bring structure and order to those needs.

Provantage is skilled and certified in agile working methods, which we will bring in to ensure you get the best out of your minimum viable product for the first tranche of users. The MVP is an important step and we will use agile practices to bring on new functionality at a time which is right.

Get the most out of your software and processes

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