Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what we are and what we’re not

Can you write software?

We can design the software for you, after all it is part of a solution architecture. However, we are NOT software engineers. This is a delicate area and can only be done by software engineers. We do understand the different frameworks, languages, and the other subjects needed to make an informed choice. But we’d rather leave the actual engineering to those who have perfected their art.

Can we fix computers?

No, sorry, we’re not a repair shop. This is quite a speciality area and there are much better placed companies who can help.

Would we be able to install technology?

This is a good question. We’re not averse to rolling up our sleeves and diving in, but it is not our core skillset. We can help guide and assist in the integration if neccessary. 

Can we build a website?

We can help with content, not actually building the platform. There are plenty of talented organisations and individuals who have the skills to help.

I have two systems to join up. Can you help?

Absolutely. We have extensive experience when it comes to this sort of challenge. It could be two or more technology stacks, enterprises, or government departments, we can definitely assist in getting you connected.

I want to do a review of how my business uses it technology. Where do I start?

Well, you don’t start with the technology that’s for sure. Many, if not most, businesses know what they do. But how many know how they do it? Worse still, they don’t understand what underpins the how either. We have experience in bringing together the data needed to give this understanding a scientific and factually accurate base.

I want to build an enterprise-wide system. You offer Enterprise Architecture. Can you help?

The straight answer is not really. Sound a bit woolly? It was meant to be. You see, there is always a confusion between Enterprise Architecture and an enterprise-wide system. A desktop service is an example of an enterprise-wide system. Because it is enterprise-wide, most immediately believe an Enterprise Architect will design one for you.

This is as far from the truth as you are able to get. We’re not saying we cant help. Any enterprise-wide system will need to fit within your business, complies with the guardrails laid down by your organisation, and fits within the near- and far-term horizon planning, then we can ensure the design fits.

Do you sell hardware or software?

Unfortunately we’re not a reseller. There are plenty of on-line resellers and outlets you can choose from.

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