Technical and Data Risk Management

Data is everything. Be it data on customers, sales, inventory, incidents, or payroll. users need to be able to get to the data they need to do their jobs, ultimately fulfilling the mission of the business. However, it’s no secret that not every organisation fully understands the risks their data is exposed to. Likewise, electronic data is managed by technical resources, which itself can be at risk. Servers, data storage, and other infrastructure all join together to frustrate the security of data. which can ultimately result on loss, exposure of customer data, and possible reputational damage. Provantage has the skills to seek out the risks you are carrying in your data and technical resources to allow you to understand and manage those risks.

How we do it

Discover the important data

Understand the business is and how it uses its data. This is key to discovering a priority for data which will be used for the audit.

Test security and infrastructure 

The audit will determine the security is sufficient to allow users who need it can access it. The infrastructure audit will determine the level of tech debt which could effect securuty.

Create a roadmap for correction

The roadmap will start with the most important data sitting on the worst parts of the infrastructure. 

Create KPIs for future use

To ensure the risk is less likely to occur again, a set of KPIs will ensure the risk of both data and infrastructure is reduced.

What you get by using Provantage

In-depth experience of knowing how data and infrastructure impact each other.

Bringing together a collaborative effort between your security, data, and infrastructure teams to bake risk management into their everyday working practices.

A stable and easy to use framework to keep all involved on track, and to ensure any risks in the future are identified quickly, and mitigations and remedial work can be carried out efficiently.

Technical and Data Risk Framework

There are many risk frameworks, and the best one that fits your organisation will be tailored to suit. This will ensure you get the best out of it now, and for the future.

A framework is only useful if people want to use it. The framework we develop for you will be easy to interface with and use your own standards.

Your first draft of the framework is only the beginning. As more information becomes available, the framework can be expanded, changed, and improved.

Provantage can help protect your data

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