Board Advisory

Boards all across the country are wrestling with difficult decisions every day. From dealing with falling sales, employee discontent, supplier problems, and a host of other problems, especially in the face of BREXIT and the pandemic. We at Provantage understand this and have spent time with boards to help them gather data to make those important decisions. Good data is key to making sound decisions, and this is not always easy to come by. However, once it is discovered, we can help make it part of the everyday rather than just a one-off, high-cost effort.

How we do it

Asking the right questions

To find the right data means asking the right questions. We will dig into the real reasons for the decision and seek out the sources.

Evaluate the data and clean

With the data gathered, it’s source is evaluated and if reliable, clean and set up a permanent feed.

Present the data in a reliable format

Getting the data into a consumable format for the level of management who needs it is an important step.

Enrichment and further analysis

Data which can be gathered more regularly can be enriched with other data to further enhance the decision making process.

What you get by using Provantage

Willingness to get on with the task and security in knowing the data to support your decisions will be of the highest quality.

Provantage has experience in working in some of the most sensitive parts of businesses and government. You can be assured any data, presentations, discussions, and indeed anything about your organisation will be kept safe and secure.

Extensive knowledge of business and how data can make or break a business. Bad data will lead to bad decisions and we fully appreciate how much effort it takes to get to sort the good data from the bad.

Secure board advice

Only the best data will be used. No matter what the question is, you can be assured the data will be of the highest possible quality.

To help make decisions you need to be sure of reliable support. Our fundamental principle is always to be reliable. We are contactable at any time to help with your decision making.

You will be safe in the knowledge we will never reveal any commercial, trade, or personal secrets, no matter how inviting it may look! Our reputation for integrity has taken years to build and we have no intention of losing it any time.

We can help your board make important decisions

Tell us about the advice your board needs