Business Architecture

Any business is more than just data, tech, bricks, and mortar. This is what it is. But how does your business manage to fulfil its mission? This is where business architecture can help. Most businesses have a good grasp about what it does, and it will be doing it well otherwise the shareholders will have something to say. A business architecture will show in many forms how the business capabilities are related, what they do, and who uses them. The business architecture is an important artefact when it comes to changing the direction of the business. It will identify gaps in capability for the business to fulfil its new mission.

How we do it

Conversations with business units

If the current business architecture is incomplete or non-existent, the business units will be the authoritative source for the business functions.

Build the business capability catalogue

From the business functions, the business capabilities can be built. These are high-level statements of what the organisation does to achieve its mission.

Socialise and fine-tune the model

It’s important for the model to be made public as soon as possible. These presentations will ensure the organisation begins to get on board with the concept.

Deliver a roadmap to maintain momentum

The roadmap will create a way forward to keep interest high. It’s important this momentum is maintained to keep the business architecture fresh and adding value.

What you get by using Provantage

Experience and a keen eye for detail. We have had many years of creating business architectures for many organisations, and identifying gaps and where improvements can be made.

Openness about the state of your business architecture, and not afraid to speak out to get the best outcome. Willing to ask those awkward questions to get to the bottom of the architecture. 

A workable business architecture, which can be expanded out to include the processes, data, and tech (the enablers) to form the basis of a wider business intelligence service.

Scalable business architecture

With the business architecture documented, it makes the decisions about changing the business far easier. Gaps can be identified at a glance, saving precious time and resource gathering the information important to decisions.

With a fully populated business architecture, it can be expanded as the business grows. Additional business capabilities and functions will enrich the architecture and show how the business is growing.

When developing strategies, you can accurately align them to the business capabilities. It stops the ‘scattergun’ approach to strategies and ensure you are investing the right money in the right places.

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