Who are we?

We are a small consultancy company who has been helping organisations of all sizes achieve their technology and business visions since 1998. Being small doesn't mean we can't cope; we are agile enough to pivot to achieve your goals, while big enough to care.


Being independent, we can fit in quickly and not come with the baggage which usually comes with the larger consultancies. We can adapt quickly to changing conditions with ease.


We have extensive experience with documentation across all levels, from the deepest technical to representations to the board. We always work with your teams to produce the highest quality of work to the exacting standard you desire.


While we are in the market of designing your technical or business architecture, we are there to guide and advise, not judge and oppose your own ideas. This non-combative approach helps us all to achieve your goals.

What we do

We can provide you with various consultancy services to help you achieve your goal.


Advising your senior management, c-execs, and board level to give you a set of independent eyes on your business and engineering.


Working at the enterprise, solution, or technical level to bring you innovative designs while staying within your own guide rails.


Putting it all together using either Systems Engineering, or collaborating with your own engineers, we can bring your strategy to life.

Below is some of our past and present clients

  • Cadbury Ltd
  • Burberry - London
  • UK Border Agency