Enterprise Architecture

EAs help the senior management decide what the business can do with the technology it has, and develops the technology based on what the company wants to do.

Business Architecture

A business architecture will show in many forms how the business capabilities are related, what they do, and who uses them.

Solution Architecture

A solution is more than just some tin and software. It encompasses people, processes, technology, information, and facilities, in fact most of your business.

Technical Architecture

Detailed designs of individual hardware, software, infrastructure, networks, and so many other inter-connected parts.

Systems Integration

Today, software can come in all shapes and sizes, and with many boasting ‘infinite configuration’, it can seem overwhelming.

Technical & Data Risk

It’s no secret that not every organisation fully understands the risks their data is exposed to.

Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge gives order to the moving parts and, more importantly, how they are related.

Board Advisory

We at Provantage have spent time with boards to help them gather data to make those important decisions.

Who we are

Provantage Ltd is an independent business and technology consultancy operating in the UK from the Midlands. We can provide a variety of services to public, private, and third-sector organisations across the country.

From designing individual systems, right up to helping boards make difficult decisions, we have the service and experience to help you with your business and technology projects.


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Some of our successes

Business Knowledge

Our client did a good job, but didn’t really understand how the various parts of the business fitted together. Building business knowledge helps with this and needed a paradigm shift in culture.

Geospatial Revolution

When we had a first look at a client’s on-premises geospatial service, we knew immediately we had a mountain to climb.

Zero Trust

As more and more capabilities are being pushed to the cloud, a radical re-think of how users, devices, applications, and data are secured. Our engagement on an initiative to shape a client’s Zero Trust Strategy was a challenge.

Rescued Project

A manufacturing client was struggling technically with a large project. It had a large complex design, and they were finding it difficult to decide which was needed first.

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