Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architect is a much mis-used title. Some believe to create an enterprise-wide solution, you need an enterprise architect. While it may be possible to find such an architect, due to their career path they might have the skills, an enterprise architect works more with the business and less with the tech when compared with technical or solution architects. The work of an Enterprise Architect can be summed up as: they help senior management decide what the business needs to do with the enablers it has, and helps the business with what it wants to do with the enablers it needs. For this to be effective, you will need knowledgeable Enterprise Architects to keep the business moving in the right direction, and to have the data, tools, processes, and tech available to fulfil the mission.

How we do it

Integrate quickly with your EAP

We will start to add value as quickly as possible. Once we integrate with your EAP. that value can be realised. We will do this as quickly as possible.

Understand your current strategies

As part of the EAP integration we will get to grips with your strategies and roadmaps immediately. This is a key step to understanding your business direction.

Understand your business

Before we can become an effective EA, we will need to understand your business. This process will begin before we actually start, and will be refined during our integration. 

Get to grips with your roadmaps

The fourth important stage is to understand what the roadmaps are for your important apps and business capabilities.

What you get by using Provantage

Extensive experience of enterprise architecture, which will be used to integrate quickly and without fuss into your organisation.

Excellent communication skills to be able to effectively communicate with all levels of management and the board.

Friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. We’re happy to talk about any EA matter to anyone, and where we don’t have the information to hand, we’ll go away and find it.

Agile Enterprise Architecture

We’re big on not re-inventing the wheel, and will pull from industry frameworks and experiences to make sure nothing potentially useful is missed. We bring to the table a wealth of real-world experiences, which is invaluable to your business.

We can integrate with many different types of business quickly and without fuss. Being integrated doesn’t mean well be constrained. We can still flex our EA muscles to bring value to all discussions.

Being independent, we are effectively a new pair of eyes on the concerns you have. This value is important as we can offer new perspectives to business and technical problems.

We can integrate quickly and add value to your EA

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