UK Government

The UK government has many unique challenges, especially during the pandemic whilst having to deal with BREXIT. Decisions made for the good of the economy and business, trying to balance the two, depends on good advice underpinned by good data. If you were to take the data for the pandemic alone, it was immense. and difficult to understand. We have extensive experience with working for the UK government on many projects of different sizes and complexity, and would be interested in hearing about any particular issues you may have.

Government working

Public services have unique challenges when compared to private businesses. Firstly, they are predominately funded by tax, meaning every decision needs to be carefully considered. Stories about failed, over-running, or over budget projects undermine the confidence of the party in power. Secondly, work done by governments is under the scrutiny of third-party, public, and professional bodies who are at liberty to question decisions, something most private organisations don’t have to suffer (although they do have their own governance influences).

Working as a third-party under these conditions is completely different to working for a private enterprise. We at Provantage understand these pressures having worked for UK Government in several departments, as well as for the Welsh Government. In fact the Welsh Government assignment has empowered us with the experience of working for a devolved administration, which has its own challenges.

While most projects on the books of the government are carefully justified, there is the chance a project we are on could be on shaky ground. Our experience has showed that by being transparent to all levels of management, enables a clear view of any problems that might derail the initiative. No matter on at what level we operate at, this clarity will keep projects moving.

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Success Stories

Geospatial Revolution

When we had a first look at a client’s on-premises geospatial service, we knew immediately we had a mountain to climb.

Special Project

Sometimes, an opportunity arises that expands into territories never before explored. We were pleased to be engaged on an imaging project that meant calling on different skills.


A client had a problem with systems being created in different ways, without any real governance. We were engaged to come up with a better solution, which we were mostly successful.

Zero Trust

As more and more capabilities are being pushed to the cloud, a radical re-think of how users, devices, applications, and data are secured. Our engagement on an initiative to shape a client’s Zero Trust Strategy was a pleasant challenge.

Business Knowledge

Our client did a good job, but didn’t really understand how the various parts of the business fitted together. Building business knowledge helps with this and needed a paradigm shift in culture.