Retail is one of the most dynamic industries around. It can be as small as a market stall, or as big as a multi-billion pound organisation spanning the globe. Today, data has never been so key to any retailers success. Knowing stock levels, keeping track of price fluctuations, bringing together different sales platforms’ data, all delicate balancing act. We can help in many different areas of your retail business.

Working in retail

When you buy something on Amazon, eBay, or even your local supermarket, it is the end of a series of activities, which resulted in you taking a good away, for which has value for you. But how does that item get into your possession?

It all starts with an idea. That idea grows into a business. The business sells items to a wholesaler. A retailer buys it from the wholesaler. Finally, the retailer sells it to you. Each of these steps is underpinned by an army of people and technology. all moving seamlessly to provide the items people need. From day-to-day items such as fruit and vegetables, to those big, one-off purchases such as white goods, technology, and cars, the processes to deliver those items to the retailers is immense. 

In these days of just-in-time deliver, Provantage fully understands the whole process and appreciates how important it is to have resilient business capabilities, business functions, and technology to keep the process going. Integration is key to a successful operation and handoff to the next business.

In the domain of retail, Provantage has had a lot of experience. From working with manufacturers, to integrating suppliers, the retail domain is an exciting and vibrant business to be involved in. We realise a simple breakdown can mean life or death for a company. In one case, we were called in to solve a problem, which was preventing the start of the Formula One season. An equipment failure was preventing the shipment of vital parts and using our engineering skills, we brought the equipment back on line, and enabled the parts to be shipped. Sometimes it is the small things that can have a massive impact.

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We can help with your retail issues

Success Stories

Corporate Migration

Provantage played a pivotal role during the migration of a retail company from one parent to a new one. Primarily involved in the migration of external communications and internal network services, discover how we overcame many obstacles along the way. 

Software Policy

There are many types of software, and a client engaged us to put together a policy which will keep them the right side of the law. However, the world of software is treacherous and can bite hard if you get it wrong.

Rescued Project

A manufacturing client was struggling technically with a large project. It had a large complex design, and they were finding it difficult to decide which was needed first.