To get the goods to market, especially when up against stiff competition from the far east, needs accurate and real-time data. Where supplies are, who is putting it together, where products are on the production line, are all examples of data that without can make or break a company. Provantage has experience in the manufacturing industry in providing sustainable, innovative solutions.

Working in Manufacturing

Manufacturing takes a lot of planning, especially in the JIT (Just In Time) markets. Knowing who wants what by when, and to ensure the materials are in the right place is a skill which is greatly improved with the use of technology. Manufacturers who make use of tools and evaluate data keep ahead of the competition and continually provide their customers with what they need when they want it.

There are many different tools available to manufacturers, from simple on-line, to sophisticated on-premises systems. Other tools an integrate with production lines, and automated picking and warehouses. This enables automated ordering of parts and materials, decreasing time-lag and decreasing errors.

Provantage has been involved in many areas of manufacturing businesses. Even with deep integration available between Internet-hosted applications (SaaS), there is still need for a company like Provantage to help integrate on-premises and SaaS systems, as well as between production line equipment and monitoring suites, and so on.

In manufacturing, data is everything. Without data, the factory would run out of materials at peak times, equipment could fail without notice, customers would quickly lose faith, and quality could be at risk. Reporting is an important part of understanding data, and Provantage knows how to get the most out of this. Integration, monitoring, and reporting; all vital to the success of any manufacturing business and Provantage can help with this success.

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We can help with manufacturing data

Success Stories

Dust-proof Computing

A particular problem with one manufacturer was dust, a fine, powder that got into everything. Factory-based computers needed to be constantly swapped out. We had a solution to this dusty issue.

Big (Sensor) Data

A manufacturing client needed to understand its building and equipment performance.

Room Booking

If you have a lot of meeting rooms, you will need a reliable and reactive system to keep them occupied.

Door Security

If you have a large estate, with complex internal access needs, the only way to do it is through a centralised door management system.