The aerospace industry needs great accuracy. Even the slightest incorrectness could result in disaster. From gas turbine engines on the latest airliner, to radar on a military MRCA, working out the configuration takes the best technology and world-class architecture. Provantage can help get the best architecture possible to achieve the accuracy needed to keep British aerospace as the world leader it is.

Aerospace working

Working in the aerospace domain means using the best brains in the world. Get something wrong even something insignificant. and lives could be at risk. Since those early days of heavier than air flight, safety has been at the forefront of development. At every stage of the development of an aircraft, there are systems in place to ensure all aspects of the design and build meet required global standards.

These systems keep detailed records of where every nut, bolt, panel, diode, wire, and integrated circuit come from. As the components build up into systems, the way they are built is recorded and filed. In the rare case of an incident, these files are needed to see if any errors were made which could have prevented the incident.

Careful attention to detail, regardless of what company, division, or team you belong to, means there is a good outcome. Knowing your stuff is important and being part of something larger is always evident. Everyone understands this and it seems to be more evident than in the aerospace industry.

During our time working with an aerospace client, we realised the importance of our work and were able to adapt to the strict working arrangements that were needed to perform. Processes that keep our work within guidelines approved by the client are kept up date with regular re-visits of training, notes, and legal and regulatory guidance. This ensures our work remains compliant.

Provantage has experience of doing various roles within an aerospace client, and if you wish to talk about any help you need, please contact us today.

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Security Problem

Single sign-on means you don’t need to keep entering a username and password for every system you need access to – it would drive you crazy! But, sometimes, this is a bad strategy.


We have a lot of experience with disability, and were delighted when asked to provide input to a client’s accessibility process. But this is not restricted to physical disabilities.