Technical Architecture

It can be argued that the technical architecture of any solution is where things can go wrong very quickly if the right sort of effort is not concentrated. Detailed designs of individual hardware, software, infrastructure, networks, and so many other inter-connected parts, if not treated properly, can result in poor deployment and poor performance. Provantage has unique skills in this domain, such as the ability to visualise how a component will fit into the overall solution, and bring about the designs to get systems off the ground and running quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

How we do it

Understand the component

We would quickly get to grips with what the component needs to run, be supported, and vitally how security plays its part. This will allow the setup of a proof of concept to further discover what it is capable of.

Get the most out of the proof of concept

The PoC will show what the component is capable of, and will allow discovery of what configuration is needed for it to perform to its full capability.

Create detailed the detailed designs

The PoC will define the final design. The detailed (or low-level) design will contain everything needed to deploy. configure, and support the component. Documentation can be our own format, or yours.

Handover and support period

As well as handing over everything needed to operate and support, there will be a period of support to cover any possible gaps in your engineering support.

What you get by using Provantage

Many years of experience of designing systems from scratch, enhancing existing, or updating to new technologies.

Everything will be fully documented and stored securely. At all times, the documentation, ideas, and possible changes will be open and communicated clearly.

We will quickly integrate with your delivery services, allowing us to take full advantage of them. Being close, but detached, is a big advantage for a rapid turnaround.

Detailed Technical Architecture

No matter the size, the technical aspects of a solution component will be learned fast to begin the journey to deployment. 

It doesn’t matter whether the component is cloud-based, on-premises, or even air-gapped. We can design most technical components anywhere.

It’s good to talk and even better when we have something to show. As soon as something is ready, we can demonstrate with confidence and authority. This not only shows progress, but also gives you confidence the design is moving in the right direction.

We can design components of solutions

Tell us about your technical architecture needs