The education system in the UK is one of the best in the world. However, it’s educators are under increasing pressure to deliver lessons and to fully understand the needs of each individual student in classes of 40+. The old ways of doing everything by memory and paper doesn’t work in the modern world. People need to know results immediately. Good data can show trends such as falling grades or attendance much faster than manual methods. Students can have a profile from the moment they enter the education system to the moment they leave, picking up attributes along the way which will inform educators of their particular needs, allowing adjustments to be made. Provantage has experience in this field that cna help you get the most out of every student. 

Working for an education authority

From the moment children enter the education system, to their final lesson, they need support. With ever-increasing class sizes, educators can no longer manually keep track of the students under their care. Technology is fast becoming the most effective way of tracking diets, medical requirements, special needs, education styles, test and exam results, attendance, and many other parameters that makes up the profile of a student, and cannot be properly manually recorded.

The pressures educators are increasingly under, is increased at the start of each new school year. Once it was a simple matter to hand over records of incomers and pick out the more challenging ones. Now, with hundreds of records to get through, using technology helps this process. Reports can be created to show the extent of the work ahead, forewarning the establishment, allowing them to pre-reserve budgets and resources.

However, the burden doesn’t stop with the first day of the new year. As time progresses, data on each student can assist with heading off potential issues. Technology can also help students study more efficiently. Having access to the immense libraries of videos, digital books, and research material, is a sharp tool in the educator’s toolbox.

Provantage has got experience with working with education authorities to help improve their technology and how it can be expanded to provide value in other areas.

If you are an education authority, school, college, university looking to improve your technology or move into areas where technology could help, please call today.

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