Business Knowledge

Looking at any business, there will be a huge amount of moving parts. Business capabilities, business functions, roles, people, computers, business processes, and so on. There will be information about each of these elements, but they mean nothing without them being related. This is where Business Knowledge comes into play. It gives order to the moving parts and, more importantly, how they are related. Through these relationships, it can be shown how a legacy infrastructure can impact the business capability model, or how ageing software can reduce the efficiency of a business process. 

How we do it

Obtain a baseline business model

Knowing how your business architecture works is the best place to start. Even if it’s not quite right, it can be fine-tuned later.

Discover the enablers that perform the work

Find out the business processes, roles, actors, infrastructure, software, and just about everything else, then relate them back to the business model.

Automate from fast-changing repos

Technology monitoring and cataloguing repositories cannot have their data ingested manually. Automation here if key to keeping the Business Knowledge up to date.

Create dashboards and self-service reporting

With as much data as possible accessible and related, dashboards can be created to show progression of effect against the business model. Senior management can also get up to date reports with easy to use reporting functions.

What you get by using Provantage

Many years experience in both the business architecture and technical architectures – both needed to bring them together for first-class reporting.

Ability to bring people together to get the most out of the data being collected. Keeping people interested in the effort is key to success.

Fully documented service, together with a rigorously checked documentation to create a smooth handover and a firm bedrock for future enhancement.

Expandable business knowledge

Get the most out of your investment decisions and dig for value in the right place. Business knowledge will give you the tools needed to capture the KPIs which will prove vital in your decision making.

The objects in the model and the attributes making up those objects can be expanded and modified. It’s not written in stone so to speak and can be further tailored to suit your needs.

The impacts of changing something can be visualised and tested before the decision is taken. You can remove something and watch how the dependencies start to suffer.

We can get value from your business knowledge

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