What is Systems Integration

In a brief sentence, Systems Integration is the process of joining together two or more subsystems, enabling them all to function as one larger system. This larger system will give the organisation more value by simplifying processes which would have previously been complex or manual in nature.

When an organisation begins to take a look at processes, with the aim to improve efficiency, there will be many areas where the manual cut and paste between systems is causing delay. Mistakes can also occur in these processes, leading to more, often undisclosed mistakes, increasing delays. In many respects, these manual integrations may have been going on for years, with few mistakes. It’s a process that has been working and many question making any changes,

Only when the organisation takes a long look at processes which require the manual movement of data between them, that the value of integrating them will become apparent. Typical integrations are between the organisation and its suppliers. For many years, larger suppliers have provided integration points to be able to send orders through, but many organisations don’t realise these exist or that their internal systems can use them.

Integrations don’t just apply to connecting the organisation’s systems to suppliers. Looking at some internal systems where data is being manually typed either from one screen or window to another, or worse, data is printed, then re-keyed, is where the most value can be gained by integrating them. 

How we Can Help

Provantage has performed many successful integration projects, covering internal to internal, as well as internal to external system integrations. We would look at your processes and what systems support them. Delving into the technical capabilities of the systems will reveal if there are any connectivity capabilities we could exploit for integration. They might not be straight forward, so we would approach the vendors to help with the more intricate technical complications.

If you are ready to take a look at your processes and how we can help you integrate the systems supporting them, get in touch today.