Encompassing everything

Solutions can take all shapes and sizes. One thing they have in common is a solution will encompass every element of a business: people, processes, technology, information, and facilities. Each of these will split down into finer, more technical detail, covered off by the subject matter experts into technical architecture,

It is the role of the solution architect to bring these technical designs into one, deliverable system, and ensure a successful outcome. Not only the solution works, but it also the skills are available to support and keep it running throughout its lifecycle. This is why the solution architect must lift their head above the solution itself and think of its impact across the wider business, interfaces to other systems, and also where the solution fits with other solutions being delivered at the time.

Use of delivery frameworks such as SAFe or TOGAF are invaluable tools to the solution architect. These arrange the work into orderly steps to keep track or work taking place. It makes the whole process transparent and measurable.

Provantage can help

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