Are you aware of what makes up your business?

Did you know there is more to your business than just its capabilities? Over the years, your business will have grown, expanded, changed direction, capabilities added, changed, and then discarded. At some point, even the largest company can lose track of it’s capabilities.

Business capabilities can be put into three main categories: supporting, strategic, and core. A business capability is a particular ability that a business may possess or exchange to achieve a specific purpose. Mapping these out, showing how each relates to the other, will begin to reveal how each capability supports the business mission.

But there is more. Business capabilities as what the business does. Providing the capabilities are the business functions, which represent how the business provides the capabilities. These in turn are supported by applications and business processes. This then makes up the whole business model. Being able to trace your business capabilities, down through functions, applications, data, and the infrastructure they sit on enables decision makers, engineering, business analysts, and many layers of management to see in an instant where to make changes that bring the most value. 

Scenarios can also be ran against the model to show gaps in capability when exploring new markets and if repurposing or building new capabilities is required. It will also show how the technologies and business processes will need to be adapted to fulfil the new capabilities.

Having a managed business model will give you an edge when changing business direction, discovering inefficiencies, and will help in dramatically improving any digital transformation initiatives you may be undertaking.

How we can help.

We have extensive experience in building, populating, and maintaining your business model. By leading on an initiative to create a meta model into which you can populate the business model, data and applications, business functions, and how this links into value streams, thus showing how your whole business links together. Arrange a call today to begin a new view of your business.