Is it simply moving something from A to B?

We have all sent a parcel in the post, or via any other parcel carrier. But how hard is it? From the moment a parcel is collected, to the tine it arrives at it’s required destination a massive amount of hard work goes into the process.

Technology now plays a bit part in arranging the pickup, monitoring the parcel at every step, such as moving into the depot, transferring to the sorting hub, air transit, getting onto the delivery vehicle, and collecting delivery signatures. It was only back in the early 1990’s when customers of parcel carriers had to rely on manual paper-based delivery notes, and physical proof of delivery signatures. At the time, getting legal backing of digital signatures was very hard.

However, a group of intrepid engineers from a private parcel carrier changed all that. After challenging the status-quo, the laws were changed and that opened up the logistics world for digitisation.

Since those early days, more sophisticated and powerful portable equipment has enabled carriers to give customers tracking information that goes further than just finding where in the system their parcel is. Now, with 4G telecommunications, the parcel can be tracked by matching it’s delivery codes with the vehicle it is on.

Customers now have more data about their delivery available to them than ever before. There are even businesses who specialise in putting these systems together in the cloud making bringing delivery and technology together easier than ever before.

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