Advising senior management and the Board

Whenever a company wishes to make changes, the board would normally deliver a strategy, which leads to goals, OKRs, and other directions to instruct the change groups to begin work on the board’s wishes. Sometimes, the board just wishes to save money on the production of a product line, or perhaps they want to change what the company does all together. In any case, the board needs accurate data to make these decisions.

Mostly, organisations know what their core business is and what they are good at. Sometimes, however, we see major companies make what appears to be strange decisions. Is this because the board had flawed data, or was it in their strategy? Boards can only make decisions on the data they have and if this data is incomplete, or wrong, then it can lead to disastrous results. 

Making tough decisions is what boards and senior management do every day. The larger the organisation, the further away from the core business and the customers the board will be. Sometimes the board might need to get involved with internal disputes, especially when the reputation of the company is at stake. In all aspects, the decisions cannot be made using gut instinct alone; they must be made with good supporting data.

How Provantage can Help

Provantage has the skills and experience to assist boards and senior management in making those important strategy decisions. Where the data is missing,, we can endeavour to find it. Moreover, once the data is discovered, it can be kept up to date as a permanent source for future decisions.

Using our business acumen, experience, and networking skills, we can help the board with important strategic decisions. Call us today and find out more.