We can help pull together your technical and data risks

Putting together your risks to your data collections and technical environments is one of the steps in ensuring your business not only runs efficiently, but is also a primary source of compliance.

Many organisations tend to be very good at identifying where they have gaps in security, capacity, and how they are likely to be mitigated should the risk occur. What we at Provantage have recognised is this is only half the picture. Putting together our skills, it is clear where there is technical and data risk, this is also a corporate risk to the Business Capabilities and Business Functions they support. It is where these are affected is where the biggest risk arises.

If you have some data which is a little exposed, not properly secured or poorly formatted, these are areas which can be easily fixed. But what happens to the business when it does eventually get breached or fails completely?

We'll look at risk from a holistic point of view, ensuring your senior management have the information to hand to properly establish what parts of the business is most at risk from poor technical and data management.

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