Our Systems Engineering Service can use Your Own Framework

The origins of Systems Engineering appear to have been first proposed by Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1940s. The idea of having a discipline which identifies and exploits the properties of a system as a whole, enables complex systems to be recognised as a single unit, rather than a collection of parts connected in a complicated arrangement. The benefits of this approach exposes interfaces and allows it to be involved in other complex systems or systems of systems.

NASA exploited Systems Engineering early on in its programs as a way of lining up the myriad manufacturers and suppliers. Having a dedicated group of engineers who look at each sub-system, understand the interfaces and enable their connection with as little friction as possible. One great analogy of Systems Engineering is if you have one manufacturer making a plug, another a socket, the Systems Engineer makes sure they fit together. By managing the complexity of systems and systems of systems, reduces the friction between components and creates more reliable systems. 

Model Based Systems Engineering allows the design of complex systems to be easily replayed at all levels of management. Provantage Ltd has the skills needed to help you with your Systems Engineering requirements. We fully appreciate there will be many different forms of Systems Engineering. There will need to be a period of ‘bedding in’, but this will be kept as short as possible.
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