Solutions Need an Carefully Designed Architecture

Projects use Solution Architects as the link between the Technical and Business Architects to provide the holistic view of new and changed business processes, functions and capabilities and their relationship to technical architecture. In this realm, Solution Architects work closer to the business and have a more business-oriented approach. They are capable of understanding the deeply technical elements of the designs and are able to bring them all together.

Sometimes, a Solution Architect is called upon to perform the detailed design of an application. This is obviously within their skillset, but time must also be made for the changes needed to the business domain too. A solution comprises much more than just the application.

With the advent of the cloud, Solution Architects are now having to re-think their approach. Simply moving a solution from on-premise to the cloud is probably not the right way. Cloud solutions need to take into account functions which the cloud provider can provide. There is no point in moving an application to the cloud when the functions are already provided. The Cloud has been one of the biggest disruptors of modern times and vendors are providing new functions almost on a daily basis. A good Solution Architect will be able to decompose an on-premises application to its major functions and select existing vendor solutions which meet the requirements. This not only removes and possible legacy problems, but can reduce costs and support.

There are occasions where additional help is required to support you through a major transformation project or perhaps there’s a new set of eyes needed to appraise a solution, then Provantage can help.

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