Let us ensure all your designs comply with your guidelines

Organisations create lots of documentation during development. Lots and lots of documentation. Formats, quantity quality and depth of knowledge will vary greatly. This makes it hard to see the wood from the trees when implementers come to deploy your new system.

Provantage has many years experience knowing what is just right. In these days of the Agile Manifesto, the phrase 'working software over comprehensive documentation' is vociferously chanted, getting the right level is difficult. Some teams will scream 'we're agile' and refuse to write anything down. This is wrong because. perversely, agile actually means more documentation, not less.

The type of designs coming out now should be more succinct, to the point and give just enough to know what's going on. In our experience, we have seen some very detailed high-level designs, going into hundreds of pages. Shelf-ware is what we call it. Who is going to read something that long unless it's the proposal for a new high-speed rail link?

We know what people want and can help architects put down what is needed, cut out the waffle, and get your designs to a position where they can be understood. We know how to present the idea to all levels of the business, from the support technicians to the CxOs if necessary. It would be no good providing an integration engineer with a business case, or the CFO with a detailed email system design. Everyone needs a view based on their viewpoint and Provantage can sort that out for you.

Experienced in using graphical design tools, document management systems, content publishing systems such as Confluence, and engineering tools such as EA Sparx, Planview CTM, and others, we can bring your designs under control to give those who need the information in the format they need.

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