Consulting is only part of the job

Provantage has worked for a few consultancy companies, and we have learned it’s not just about the end client. As a third-party contractor working for a consultancy on a client’s site, the relationship can get very complex and needs managing with great care.

For one, we are representing ourselves as an independent company, through the much larger consultancy. We have a duty of care to ensure we represent ourselves at all times as professional, courteous, and above all, knowledgeable. This therefore ensures the consultancy we represent is seen to be all these qualities. Next, it is important we have a close relationship with the consultancy to show we have the backing of them, while remaining independent.

Being separate from the consultancy allows us to satisfy the needs of the client, where the consultancy might not be able to. For example, being able to set our own training agenda, funding certification ourselves where it might not be appropriate for the consultancy. We can also provide workshop facilities if this is not the consultancy’s core capabilities.

However, where our relationship really works is when we have a gap in our skillset that can be filled by the consultancy framework. Being able to tap into this backing means we can still remain independent and still meet the needs of the client.

If you would like to discover more about how we dovetail with much larger consultancy organisations, please call us today.