Challenges are what define us

Discover some of the challenges we faced and how we dealt with them

Provantage have many examples of successful projects across many sectors. Here you will find a sample of those projects and in many cases how we had to overcome adversity to succeed. 

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Geospatial Revolution

When we had a first look at a client’s on-premises geospatial service, we knew immediately we had a mountain to climb.

BI – Advising the Board

Our client did a good job, but didn’t really understand how the various parts of the business fitted together. Building business intelligence helps with this and needed a paradigm shift in culture.

Zero Trust

As more and more capabilities are being pushed to the cloud, a radical re-think of how users, devices, applications, and data are secured. Our engagement on an initiative to shape a client’s Zero Trust Strategy was a challenge.

Corporate Migration

We were very pleased to be asked to come onto a project which involved the migration of a company from one parent to another. Our involvement eased the customer relations in a huge way.


We have a lot of experience with disability, and were delighted when asked to provide input to a client’s accessibility process. But this is not restricted to physical disabilities.

Software Policy

There are many types of software, and a client engaged us to put together a policy which will keep them the right side of the law. However, the world of software is treacherous and can bite hard if you get it wrong.

Special Project

Sometimes, an opportunity arises that expands into territories never before explored. We were pleased to be engaged on an imaging project that meant calling on different skills.


A client had a problem with systems being created in different ways, without any real governance. We were engaged to try and come up with a better solution, which we were successful – to an extent.