Putting you at the heart of our relationship to give you the best outcome.

It’s all about listening and understanding

There are many companies boasting their achievements, their turnover, their good deeds in the community. We like to think differently, which is why we have this section about you.

When an organisation looks to make changes, this sets off a chain of events which results in a list of things to do. Simplistic, yes. But you will use this list to discover what you need to do to get from your baseline to the target you desire. Along this path, you’re going to come up against a task or set of tasks you will find a challenge to fulfil. You might have the talent internally, with the skills and attitude to complete the project. With the assistance of vendor professional-services, with great teams of highly talented and driven integrators will be able to get the systems going.

Most of the time, you will find the talent internally needed to work with the integrators to get a successful outcome. Using your internal staff has some great benefits. They know your business, will get the best support and training on the new products, and more than likely will be involved in using the new product in their day to day role, further improving the chances of success.

It seems like you have all the bases covered. The system gets deployed, your staff all working at their full potential and you are getting the benefit promised. So, where’s the problem, and how can we help?

Using a vendor’s integration team gives you the best chance of success, and you might have the talent and skills. But there is always another element, time. There is never enough of it. By using us, we can give you back that time. It could be by being the intermediary between your business (and internal talent) and the integrator. We would learn your business ahead of the integrators arriving on site. Working alongside your internal talent, we would take what is needed to interface with the integrators from day one. The benefit of this approach is you free up the time necessary to carry on the day to day business and let us take the burden of the project.

With your talent freed up to continue in their role, we would become the intermediary, taking tasks from both sides to smooth the integration. Decisions will be made on both sides using a framework driven by you, ensuring everything is in the open and agreed at the most appropriate levels.

Please don’t hesitate to call to discuss how we can add value to your programmes and initiatives.